Romsey Tech Night

We are now hosting Romsey Tech Night every Thursday evening at 7pm at the Romsey Mechanics Institute.  The current focus is Learning Python. Bring your laptop and come on down if you want to join us. Date: Every Thursday Time: 7pm – 8pm Venue: Romsey Mechanics Institute, 122 Main St Romsey  

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Prototype shell for interacting with HP 50G from a Linux machine. I find myself most productive when I don’t have to keep reaching for the mouse to drag and drop resources or interact with a program. This is the motivation for developing hp50gshell. It uses the awesome cmd2 package to allow me to create a […]

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Make Tags for AVR-GCC projects

For embedded development, Emacs and AVR-GCC are my goto tools. I develop embedded code on Mac/Linux, and appreciate being able to search and navigate Tags in C/C++ code. This might be looking up the definition of OSCCAL or TCCR0A on an ATtiny85 project for example. Anyway, this would normally involve invoking gtags for example on […]

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