Make Tags for AVR-GCC projects

For embedded development, Emacs and AVR-GCC are my goto tools. I develop embedded code on Mac/Linux, and appreciate being able to search and navigate Tags in C/C++ code. This might be looking up the definition of OSCCAL or TCCR0A on an ATtiny85 project for example. Anyway, this would normally involve invoking gtags for example on […]

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Fedora 28 and Git/SSH issues with Bitbucket

This is just a quick post for those that may be having problems using git client to say clone or pull from remote repos. I noticed that my Fedora 28 VM recently started to complain when I issued git commands towards Bitbucket. An example is shown below. Using openssh-clients-7.8p1-3.fc28.x86_64 gives the following error. ✔ ~/repos/missile_run […]

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Git – What are you telling me?

Ok, so this is more of a humorous post, aimed at Git users everywhere. Let me describe the backdrop. You are burning the midnight oil, some new feature branch is almost ready for prime time. You sit back in your chair feeling pretty good. Feature seems to work, and unit/functional tests concur. Code coverage edging […]

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