Julia – Symbolic Math and Matrices

Started porting some Octave code over to Julia. Nice to see the SymPy package working nicely. This short post shows how to create a 2 dimensional Array, containing symbols. Here is a small snippet that creates a 3×2 Array of symbols with the appropriate subscripts. ie: Array{Sym,2}. Notice the similarity to Python’s List comprehension syntax. […]

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C++ Game on STM32F4

Recently I spoke about cross platform C++ development and provided an example project to help folks get started. At the other end of the scale, I introduce a C++ game for STM32F4 target. Specifically, I demonstrate how to write a simple game for the STM32F429I-DISC1 board. Most of the same principles apply when targeting embedded […]

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Git – What are you telling me?

Ok, so this is more of a humorous post, aimed at Git users everywhere. Let me describe the backdrop. You are burning the midnight oil, some new feature branch is almost ready for prime time. You sit back in your chair feeling pretty good. Feature seems to work, and unit/functional tests concur. Code coverage edging […]

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CMake and GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library on ARM Cortex M4

For some recent prototyping work, I needed access to an arbitrary precision arithmetic library that would run on ARM. Specifically, I was using an STM32F4 Discovery Board (STM32F429I-DISC1) and wanted to try out the GNU MP Bignum Library on ARM Cortex M4. The following steps and simple project I put together shows how to cross […]

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How to check linking and dependencies for libraries and applications.

If you are building (cross platform) applications, its good to know how to check linkage/dependencies of applications and libraries. Here are some simple examples for various operating systems. Linux – ldd The ldd command prints the shared objects (shared libraries) required by each program or shared object specified on the command line. [frank@localhost ~]$ ldd […]

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Cross platform builds, thy name is CMake

When it comes to building cross platform C++ applications, I have had pretty good experience with CMake. Below shows the general steps  in building your CMake structured app, once you have CMakeLists.txt defined. mkdir build cd build cmake ../ make or nmake What may change are options passed to CMake  such as -DBOOST_ROOT=”/usr/include/boost” or -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug […]

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