Singleton Research is an Australian Software Engineering company managed by Frank Singleton.

I have expertise with building robust, quality software applications using multiple languages, including Python, Java, Lua, C and C++. My mantra is “Successful software development through Continuous Integration (CI)“. I have worked internationally for many years, mostly in the USA. This ranged from working with large multinational organizations to highly agile (and successful) startups. Along the way, Matplotlib, Pandas and scikit-learn have been awesome tools for data analysis, visualization and machine learning.

I enjoy Amateur Radio (VK3FCS/KM5WS),  Electronics, Astronomy, Science Fiction and Camping with my family. I trained as a commercial pilot (ASEL) at KADS (Addison Texas, USA). I also enjoy embedded development for Atmel AVR MCUs as well as ARM Cortex-M processors. It is both challenging and enjoyable  to write software for both ends of the computing resource spectrum;  from Hadoop on AWS to C/C++ on MCUs. Check out my LinkedIn page for more details.