September 13, 2018

Git – What are you telling me?

Ok, so this is more of a humorous post, aimed at Git users everywhere.

Let me describe the backdrop. You are burning the midnight oil, some new feature branch is almost ready for prime time. You sit back in your chair feeling pretty good. Feature seems to work, and unit/functional tests concur. Code coverage edging towards 100%.

Time to make those last few commits before shutting down. Your fingers race across the keyboard, ready to execute the stack of git commands prior to calling it a day. The keyboard clicks signal the beginning of the dance you have performed many times before. Tap tap click tap … the blinking cursor leaves a trail of characters, familiar footprints in a software developers journey. Finally, your finger hovers over the “Enter” key, ready to execute. You scan the command line one more time and …  unexpectedly  hit reverse thrust on the pinky. You sit, staring in disbelief.

“My God, Bones, what have I done ?”  What you have always  done at this hour of the morning. Turned a git command into some obscure message waiting to be interpreted by a sleepy developer.

What follows is a small collection of those mistyped sessions, and  their possible meaning (at least based on my experience).

Hope you enjoy.

  • git pill – And I thought there was just a red and blue option.
  • gut pull – I can feel this is going to work.
  • gut pull –rebase – I feel this is going to work, and I WILL put it on top of everyone else’s commits.
  • git chuckout . – Not even worth stashing
  • gut commit – I really feel this worth committing.
  • gut push – The new guy, hoping he does not break the build (Jenkins will let you know!!)
  • got commit – You bet I am committed!!
  • gut init – I think this project will succeed
  • gut diff – I don’t need you to tell me what the diff looks like.


More to follow, I am sure 🙂




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