March 12, 2018

Send Your Name into Space and History

Calling all space buffs!! As you may be aware, NASA will be sending the Parker Solar Probe into the outer part of the Sun’s atmosphere. Launch is slated to be around August 2018. The exciting news  is that your name could be part of the mission.

The public has been invited to have their name stored on a microchip, placed on board the solar probe. This is your chance to be part of an historical scientific event and to “go where no probe has gone before”.  Take a look at the program details and then head on over to the signup page. Registration only takes a few minutes, with a followup email to confirm your enrollment.

For more details on the mission itself, head on over to the Mission Overview.

At its closet approach, the probe will be 10 times closer than Mercury to the sun. If all goes well your name will be digitally preserved  near room temperature behind 11cm of carbon composite shield withstanding temperatures around 1377 C on the hot side.


Climb aboard and become part the continuing exploration of our celestial neighbourhood!!







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