Monthly Archives: March 2017

How to check linking and dependencies for libraries and applications.

If you are building (cross platform) applications, its good to know how to check linkage/dependencies of applications and libraries. Here are some simple examples for various operating systems. Linux – ldd The ldd command prints the shared objects (shared libraries) required by each program or shared object specified on the command line. [frank@localhost ~]$ ldd […]

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Cross platform builds, thy name is CMake

When it comes to building cross platform C++ applications, I have had pretty good experience with CMake. Below shows the general steps  in building your CMake structured app, once you have CMakeLists.txt defined. mkdir build cd build cmake ../ make or nmake What may change are options passed to CMake  such as -DBOOST_ROOT=”/usr/include/boost” or -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug […]

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